Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's October!

and it's been October for four days now. Just as I try to start the month out right, where do I end up? In the damn hospital!! I hate hospitals with a passion especially the slow emergency room staff. Unfortunately I had to go and get my ankle checked out, turns out I sprained it really bad and now I'm rocking the two most infamous fashion accessories, crutches....let's move on...

Ready for Halloween??
I know everybody is hitting freight fest up at Six Flags, you know since we too grown to be trick or treating. I know it's gonna be tempting but don't jack the little kids for their

Anyway, there are only 30 DAYS left until the election and this week coming up is the last day to register to vote. I know some people are reluctant to vote because at the end of the day the electoral votes matter the most but when Obama wins the election, and we're all jumping up and down, I'm gonna feel proud because I know I had something to do with him winning.

This election is going in the history books, wouldn't you like to be apart of that??

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