Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is R&B dying?

So, Ne-Yo recently visited The Power 105 Breakfast Club in NY where he decided to make some comments about the a state of RnB and Trey Songz.

I’ve talked to Trey before and Trey is one of them dudes, I feel like could be a serious problem in this RnB world, if he decided to just really put that emotion in there. No disrespect to Trey, love Trey to death. But I feel like, again, the emotional disconnect is there.

...and Trey Songz wonders why Ne-yo is saying these things. That's one of the reasons why I can't stand to listen to Trey now. Everything is over-sexual, no metaphors, similes nothing, just straight raw, imma knock out that hmm hmm music. Okay, that's cool but what about love making? What about soft melodies and harmonies instead of all that d*mn screaming and yodeling?

and Ne-Yo, until he goes back to his old RnB ways, he can't really say anything. But what can you do, nobody really support real RnB anymore so you cant blame Ne-Yo for trying to get his money via the pop route just like Trey is getting his via the sex/fantasy route.

I just want to go back to In My Own Words Ne-Yo,

I Gotta Make It Trey Songz,
and even Chris Brown's first album,
Those were all DOPE RnB albums especially to be debut albums. Like Hip-Hop, it's so sad to see the genre slowly die.

Where is Devante Swing, Teddy Riley, Rodney Jerkins, and B.Cox when you need them? Somebody create a time machine for me so I can rewind time and bring MUSIC back to where it's supposed to be. It really breaks my heart to see RnB fade away. Somebody, anybody, please save the music!
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